To Snack or Not to Snack

Presentation by Prisca Ngondo, PhD.

2013-11-14 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM in Langdon Hall, Room 302

A closer look at how impulsivity and planned behavior affect food choices. Based on a study of West Texas... Read more


A Chronicle of Loss and Discovery Across Half a Million Years


"Vanished" is the consideration and reconstruction of Northern California icons through a range of visual and written interpretations.... Read more

The Flock

Presentation by Cara Deleon and Team


Professor Cara Deleon and her production team talk about their experiences creating a documentary film that explores the perspectives of adults who chose to become a part of the church and the children who had no choice in the... Read more

Three Professors In Prison

Curriculum for Rehabilitation Behind The Wall


This presentation is snapshot of a multi-year, interdisciplinary project about Vocational Education in California prisons conducted by faculty in the School of Education and Sociology Department from CSU, Chico. While the project’s larger goal was to investigate the impact of Vocational Education on California’s historically high recidivism rate of 66%, we focus in this presentation on our first... Read more